Health services for the female crew and guest.

Elevate your health in this hidden gem, nestled in the heart of Palma which offer a dedicated area, specifically oriented to the female in the yachting industry, offering Mental and Physical health services for Female Crew as well as Prestige Wellness services for guests and owners.

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For Female Crew

Having worked as a crew during her youth, María del Mar is aware of the great physical and emotional implications we face working on board, so she has created this exclusive section just for the female crew.

For Guest & Owners

Beyond psychology is an exclusive Health Clinic for women, located in the heart of Palma which specialize in providing 5 stars luxury services in the field of emotional & physical health.

Events & conferences

At Beyond Psychology we have a mission to disseminate and share our vision about the
importance of a holistic approach to physical or emotional pathology.