From sailor to sailor

From sailor
to sailor.

Having worked as crew during my youth, I am aware of the significant physical and emotional challenges we face while working onboard. That is why I have created this exclusive section just for female crew.


This unique experience not only eliminates muscle pain and physical tension through Physiotherapy, Massage, and Stretching but also concludes with a soothing combination of Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy and energy work. Additionally, due our holistic approach to health, we will address your emotional state and will provide tips and education on maintaining fitness and health onboard.


Psychological care for women working on yachts deserves special attention that only someone who has been there can truly understand. At Beyond Psychology, in addition to offering our revolutionary treatment method, which addresses the mental plane and all aspects of your lifestyle that may affect your emotional state, we will also tackle the specific issues that arise from working on a yacht.