Recover your peace, physical pain and beyond.

Your body screams what your soul cries.

Enjoy a completely personalized treatment, in an subtle environment where you will undoubtedly find the oasis of peace and the true relaxation that you so deserve.

From our holistic approach, where we understand that everything is connected, we will address physical pain and fatigue not only from the physical plane, which is obviously essential, but also from other equally important planes such as the emotional, spiritual, and energetic. Therefore, in our IPT sessions, we combine physiotherapy, psychology, spirituality, and energy work to achieve complete healing from origin-cause-effect.


Designed for women experiencing muscle tension or chronic pain and seeking for a professional massage provided by qualified physiotherapist in a charming and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy a comprehensive full Body massage enhanced with stretching, breathing exercises and aromatherapy to ensure you a profound sensation of complete relaxation.


It is just When the body and the Mind give the way, when we can really work in the beauty of your soul. Unwind and rebalance your mind, body, and spirit. Targeted in restoring your physical and emotional balance, we offer you a unique experience, where Physiotherapy blend with Psychology and oriental medicine, with the sole purpose to offer you an unforgettable healing experience. Among 120 min, we will be pampering you with our signature massage while exploring your emotional and mental blockages so we could finally work on much deeper levels where the magic of true relaxation and healing occurs.


A space where you can relax, express yourself freely and recharge your energy. Imagine 90 minutes just for you, where we will pamper your body, mind and spirit with the same love and dedication with which you care for others. We will massage the tensions in your body, we will talk about the problems that may be affecting you, we will learn tools to deal with stress, and above all we will create a magical space to honor the love and dedication with which you take care of your loved ones every day.