Couple’s Therapy

Yes, I do

We will focus our treatment in two part well differenced once it is individual approach so each one of the partners can take responsibility for their very owns mistakes and secondly we will work in assertive communication.


Our mission is to facilitate a safe environment for active communication, based on mutual respect and understanding.


Together we will explore unresolved emotional pain, communication problems, and sexual disconnections. Once the individual implications have been identified, we will solve the couple's problems, always based on understanding, acceptance and assertiveness.


A wide variety of therapies and professionals:

Psychologist / Psychiatrist
Massage for couples
Energy Therapy / Sound Therapy
Tantric workshop and massage
Yoga/ Meditation / Retreats


3 to 12 months

How do we work?

We will answer all your questions and will evaluate if this treatment model it is appropriate for you.

Will collect all the necessary information so we can develop your unique personalized treatment plan.

During aprox 5-6 hours we will deeply work in your emotional, physical and energetic field so the healing process can begin.

We will also present and implement your treatment plan.

Depending on your need we will organize following up once every 7, 15 or 30 days.

In your second phase of the treatment, we will referral you to the adequate professional if any problem still arises.