Depression and Anxiety

Regain peace

If you have tried conventional psychology and still feel you need extra help to regain your peace, we can help you. We will analyze everything that may be interfering with your emotional state, whether physical, mental, socio-environmental or spiritual.


Provide you with a safe and calm space where you feel at peace, listened to and where you can calmly unburden yourself and explore your emotions.


In addition to your emotional state, we will evaluate your lifestyle and socio-environmental factors in order to contemplate all aspects that may be interfering with your emotional state.


A wide variety of therapies and professionals:

Psychology / Psychiatry
Nutrition / Endocrinology
Physiotherapy / Personal Training
Yoga / Meditation
Energetic Therapy / Sound Therapy
Personal stylist / hairdresser
Aesthetic Medicine / Aesthetic Surgery


From 6 to 12 months

How will we work?

In which we will solve all the doubts you may have and we will make sure that this treatment model is the right one for you.

We will collect all the information necessary for the development of your personalized treatment program, which has an initial duration of 3 months.

For about 5-6 hours, we will work in depth on an emotional and physical level, preparing your body and mind so that the process of change can happen.

We will explain how to carry out your intervention program, we will teach you the daily routines and the changes you should implement.

We will do weekly, biweekly or monthly follow-ups, with the objective of implementing your new life routines and providing you with the necessary tools for emotional management.

In this second phase of intervention, once the balance is achieved, we will support your program with the necessary professionals.